Office moving

Sooner or later any successful company encounters a problem: it becomes crowded in its current space. So its management is faced with the question of office relocation. And it really is not an easy task. It is necessary not only to move a lot of large and small items, but also to do it as quickly as possible, not to interrupt the work process for a long time. To cope with such a by themselves — almost unrealistic.

That is why our company offers its services to organize office moving. Experienced managers, movers and drivers will cope with everything efficiently and effectively, saving you time and effort.

Office moving can cost you more or less depending on several criteria:

First, the price will directly depend on the volume of cargo to be worked with. The smaller the number of things to be moved, the cheaper will cost the services of movers.
Secondly, the distance from the starting point to the end destination of transportation directly affects the cost of transportation. In this case, the transportation of goods within the city is paid by the hour. Outside the city the kilometrage is counted.

Stages of office relocation

Any business will seem easier if you divide it into stages. The same applies to office relocation. In this process, you can distinguish four stages:

  • Planning. Never hurts to have a good plan, especially in such a complex matter. At this stage, you need to assess the amount of work to be done, think about the sequence of activities, form teams and appoint responsible persons. Well, or leave everything to our experts.
  • Packing. This stage includes disassembly of furniture, preparation of equipment for transportation, sorting of small items. Then all this is securely packed in accordance with the peculiarities of each type of cargo. Experienced movers solve such tasks in no time.
  • Transportation. It is important to accurately load all the things into the vehicle and fasten them with care. The latter is necessary in order to prevent all kinds of unpleasant accidents on the road. However, our experienced drivers make sure the delivery will be fast and safe in any case.
  • Unloading. Things are unloaded from the transport and gradually brought to the new office. Unpacking takes place at the site, reassembling what is needed, and placing furniture, appliances, and boxes in locations specified by the customer.

Careful planning

Our manager will visit your office in advance to determine the exact amount of work involved. He will estimate the number and size of items to be transported, select the appropriate transport for their packaging. Also, our specialist will choose materials suitable for transportation of each type of cargo. Based on this data an estimate will be made.

Also, an employee of our company will make a plan for office moving, and even monitor their implementation, accompanying your things on the road.

Office relocation in stages

Moving offices from one room to another can be organized very differently. First, it can be carried out as quickly as possible, literally in a few hours. Thus it is possible to avoid loss of working time, especially if you do everything in the evening or at night, or even on weekends. The opposite, in fact, is the solution is a stage-by-stage move. It takes place gradually, sometimes even over several days, but has the same goals: to minimize the impact of the move on office operations.

The nuances of office relocation

To move the office from one room to another without problems, it is necessary to take into account certain features of this work. For example, it is important to consider that not only furniture is subject to transportation, but also office equipment — a much more demanding cargo. And much more valuable. In addition, the problem can be heavy cabinets and safes, which are sometimes not easy to move, not to mention the removal of the outside.

But perhaps the most important feature of office relocation are the papers. Whole piles of important documents and papers, the loss of which can lead to a real disaster, require all the more careful handling.

All this significantly complicates the transportation, especially if compared to other types of relocation. Our specialists, however, are able to take into account all the nuances, so that the move went to your office quickly and painlessly.