Moving house

We offer professional services for the organization of apartment moving. Our company is one of the market leaders in freight transportation in Belarus, and therefore we can guarantee efficient and high-quality work. We have a staff with a great experience: qualified movers and experienced drivers. We have the necessary tools and rigging equipment. Our own fleet of trucks is regularly tested, the body is equipped with mountings.

Order apartment moving with us — very inexpensive. Low cost of the service is achieved by well-functioning logistics and optimization of internal processes of the company.

We organize apartment moving with or without movers!

Any move needs to be prepared for. There are several steps that need to be taken before the move. You can do it yourself or trust our staff to do it.

Moving services include:

  • Planning and organizing
  • Moving by truck
  • Getting your belongings to the right floor
  • Loading-unloading of furniture and belongings

Additional services:

  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • Packing of things
  • Arrange things in a new place
  • Moving the piano

How apartment relocation happens

The first step is to fill out an application online or call us to discuss order details with a manager. After that your participation is not required; we will complete the move ourselves in five stages.

STEP 1. We will plan the move in advance, the order of work and the route of transportation.

STEP 2. We’ll arrive on time, if necessary we’ll pack your belongings, disassemble furniture and disconnect household appliances. Materials and tools available.

STEP 3: Let’s get the stuff down and load it into the car. In the presence of rigging straps for transporting large items. Ordering a car with a hydroboard is possible.

STEP 4. We will carefully move your things. Their safety is guaranteed not only by the experience of the driver, but also by the presence of fasteners in the body.

STEP 5. We’ll unload and lift your belongings to the floor and put them in your new apartment. If necessary assemble furniture and connect the equipment.

Payment for the service is based on the fact of work. The cost is agreed in advance — you won’t have to pay extra money.

When is the best time to move?

The choice of a particular day and time of day in this case plays an important role. It is all about the degree of traffic congestion and, accordingly, the time it will take to move your possessions from one point to another.

Moving time. Here it all depends on the place where you live and the place you are moving to. In small towns there are rarely traffic jams, so any time will do. But in the big cities it is better to adjust to the traffic and choose a time when the roads are the weakest — at night and early morning.

Moving day. Choose any day — we work on weekdays and weekends. The main thing is not to forget to leave an application in advance — so it will be easier for us to arrange orders and fit your apartment move into our schedule. Ideal would be an order 1-3 days in advance.